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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do not move to iTunes 11

OMG - I made a big mistake, I upgraded to the newest iTunes 11 for the Mac. OMG what a disaster, clumsy, awkward, no way to move songs to your playlists, it's really awful. Thankfully Apple's 10.7 iTunes is still available to download.  If you drag your your ITunes 11 to the trash and install 10.7, that alone will not work. You have to find the Previous ITunes Library folder, find the most recent ITunes Library.itl file and remove the date, and overwrite the current ITunes Library.itl file in your Users/YourName/Music/Itunes folder. When you do this, every time you launch ITunes 10.7 again, you get  a -42408 error message, but when you press OK, you can use iTunes and it works again.
I tried repairing permissions, but that did not help.
Arghh. This is the first iTunes that I could not stand, Apple, please move back to the 10.7 interface.
I guess it does not matter too much as I use Google Play now. and use iTunes to get to 100 songs, then burn a CDR, then upload to Google Play, then start over, so iTunes is not as important to me since Google Play came on board. Apple please improve iTunes, not make it shiny.

Update, as long as you remember to "Show Sidebar", in 11.0.3 - iTunes is finally OK now!  Woo Hoo.


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