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Sunday, October 21, 2012

24th Judgment Show Podcast ready

The JudgmentBuy Judgment Show podcast just finished on October 21, our 24th weekly show. Download it at the link above, or find it on iTunes, searching for JudgmentBuy or Judgment show. 

The guests on this (Sunday, October 21, 2012) show included: Mark Shapiro, Judgment Broker, talking about contracts and pitfalls to avoid in making a contract. The first call was from a guy with a judgment where someone crashed into his car, and was wanted someone to buy his judgment over the phone. Mark shocked him by explaining how things work in the real world. The next call was from a guy who had a tough judgment, where the debtor filed for bankruptcy, and wondered why no BK lawyer would take over his messy BK case, Mark explained he was not a lawyer, and how - and asked him while he called the Judgment Show if he needed a lawyer? Mark referred him to the local state bar. The next caller was a lawyer that recovers judgment, that wanted to know how to find judgments. Mark explained JudgmentBuy and how leads work and how not all creditors are ready to get their judgments bought or recovered, and how to find judgment leads in general. The next call was from a guy who wanted to know if the judgment enforcer we found for him was any good, Mark explained yes, of course.


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