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Friday, October 31, 2014

Save Money On Natural Gas

Deregulation is a good thing. Already, in more than 18 states including Texas, California, and the East and central coast; one can buy their (cooking and heating) gas from someone else, besides their old utility company, and save a lot of money.

This article shares what I recently learned about an easy way to save money every month. I am a judgment expert who writes often. I found a company called ACN, that has partnered with the cheapest (quality) gas (and electric) companies, that makes shopping for gas easy.

The best part is, saving money on your gas bill does not complicate your life. With no upfront costs, I was able to easily and quickly save 50% from what my old utility company was charging me for gas. When you switch gas providers, make sure to sign up with the exact same name, address, account number, and meter number; as is on your current utility bill.

When you switch gas providers, your old gas utility company by law, must handle everything, thanks to deregulation. The charges coming from your new gas-supplying company are not separate, they will be included on your current utility bill.

If there is a gas leak or some other gas-related problem, you simply contact your current (old) utility company. You buy your gas at a greatly reduced price; and your old utility company handles the new company's  billing, and everything else, which is nice.

ACN makes shopping for the best gas deals in your state very easy. Simply find an ACN representative's website. (Please see my signature at the bottom of this article).

At any ACN rep website, just click on the state and scroll; to see if you can save big money on gas, electricity, and many other needed services. ACN charges you nothing to compare prices or shop, and I was able to drastically cut my expenses for gas, TV, internet, and telephone.

You can check any ACN website, and simply select your state. If your state has deregulated gas; the best gas-supplying company(s) will be listed. With zero obligation, you can anonymously check the prices. It is also very easy (however not anonymous) to complete your order quickly.

I switched my gas supplying company in about 2 minutes, and cut my gas bill in half. I did not have to talk to anyone, and there were no hassles. Where I live, only gas is deregulated. One day, I hope electricity will be deregulated in my state. It was awesome to find a simple website that let me save a lot of money each month.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amazon Glacier

While online storage services such as Carbonite, Mozy, and Apple's iCloud are popular; some people find that Amazon's Glacier storage service is right for them. However, it is not easy to figure out how to use Amazon's Glacier service, and this article shares what I learned. I am a judgment expert who writes often.

To use Glacier, you need an Amazon account. Amazon's Glacier web service will generate a set of keys consisting of your chosen username, an access key ID (e.g., 000000000000000000000), and a secret access key, (e.g.,000000000000000000000),(e.g.,111111111111111111111111111111111111111).

One needs these long Amazon credentials with Glacier, or any glacier software clients they use. The Glacier user name and passwords are not the same as one would use on any other Amazon features or services.

You can use the same Amazon Glacier credentials on several computers. Another Glacier feature is, you can send them a hard drive, and for a fee; they will archive it to Glacier, then send your hard drive back to you.

One drawback of the secret Amazon Glacier access keys, is that they are so long, they probably will not get written down. If your computer crashes and this password combination was on your computer and nowhere else, you may be stuck. Always print out your Amazon glacier keys and store the paper in a safe place, and/or on removable storage media. Perhaps even print an extra copy and mail it (or the USB storage device) to a relative or friend, and/or keep the paper or media offsite.

What is important to know about Amazon Glacier is that it is very different from other cloud storage services. It was created for archival storage, and using it for any other purpose may be a frustrating experience.

Glacier is designed for uploading new files. Retrieving files from storage, or even inspecting what files you have previously uploaded is a much trickier process, that requires waiting from 4 to 30 (or more) hours. It is impossible to download data from Glacier without at least 4 hours of prior notice.

Although there are several ways, and software programs to transfer files to or from Amazon Glacier, I have found (SAGU) SimpleGlacierUploader (
SimpleGlacierUploaderV0746.jar) to be one of the easiest to use. SAGU is a free Java-based software program. A wish-list item for SAGU is to add a start/pause function that remembers the state of the transfer(s); even if they stop and start after the computer was shut down and rebooted.

To run SAGU, one must install the free Java Development Kit (JDK) on their computer. Being a Java program, SAGU does not look like a regular software program, and by default, it writes logs and other files on your desktop. When quitting the program, most people can toss out the four files SAGU creates.

With Amazon Glacier (and all other Amazon web services) there are several regional data centers you can use. While Amazon may be free at first, eventually they charge reasonable rates for storage. The fees vary in each data center, and US West seems to be one of the cheapest. Remember which Amazon data center you use, because you will not be able to access your files if you pick the wrong data center.

For best results, you should upload a few big files instead of multiple smaller ones. For example, if you want to use it for photo storage, start by creating a few archives with all the photos you want to store; one archive file for each year. This will work much better than uploading thousands of photos as-is.

Archived files you upload will be transferred to Glacier directly, however you will not immediately see the archives you upload to the folder in your private vault. This is because the uploads take some time to process by Amazon. If your upload to Glacier succeeds, it will appear in Glacier's archive listings in about a day.

You cannot create subfolders on Glacier, so if you need to upload a directory structure, zip it up to an archive and upload that. If there are any unfinished uploads, after about a day, you will see them on Glacier; and sometimes be able to resume an upload from where it was interrupted.

Once your upload is complete, the file will be "consumed" and disappear from your folder; and reappear in about a day in the Glacier archives. You must export a log to see what files were successfully transferred. You can upload files up to 640 gigs big, as long as your subscription allows it.

The most common archival format is ZIP. Sometimes (especially when you have a bunch of old files) a large compression job on a folder full of files, will eventually give an error message or stop responding. If that happens, compress parts of the folder at a time, to create several smaller archives. Also, if the compression software crashes or reports an error, there is a good chance the compressed file will be corrupt, even if it is gigs big.

It is best to keep your zipped archives under 10 Gigs, so they will not take days to upload. While you are uploading to Amazon Glacier, on the Mac, when you are doing other things, clicking SAGU does not bring up the "progress window".

So, if you use a simple Glacier program such as SAGU, you just compress your files into a big archive file, add that file to SAGU, and start your upload. An uploaded file will overwrite a previous upload having the same file name.

It is best to name your files with the folder name, the computer name, and the date, and keep deleting old backups from time to time; and keep only the most recent, because with Glacier you pay for total files sizes. Or, skip the dates and just overwrite the same named files.

With simpler backup solutions, why bother with Glacier? One can never be too rich, too thin, or make too many backups.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back up Google Play now

 I write articles for my hobby. Last night, I updated my blog with 5 articles on nationwide banks. Usually, I work hard on an article and update my blog  (the best judgment blog) about once a day with a new article. This time I spent a week collecting info on the major banks in several states, and put out 5 articles in an hour, which apparently violated some policy of Google. They said I was banned from google plus for 2 weeks for violating a policy. They also said the warned me before, which is not true, at least I never got such a message.

Anyway, this reminded me that services such as Google Play could go away at any moment, so I made it a reminder to use Google's Music manager, to download all my music to my computer every 2 weeks. This way if I am locked out of Google Play I can still get to my music.


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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Delaware Banks

18410, Citicorp Trust Delaware, National Association, 20 Montchanin Road, Suite 180, Greenville, Delaware 19807,

24944, Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company of Delaware, National Association, 919 North Market Street Suite 420, Wilmington, Delaware 19801,

23160, Chase Bank USA, National Association, 201 North Walnut Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801,

22381, Fia Card Services, National Association, 900 Samoset Drive, Newark, Delaware 19713,


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Washington DC Banks

22968, City First Bank of D.C., National Association, 1432 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009,

4107, The National Capital Bank of Washington, 5228 44th Street NW, Washington, DC 20015,

24955, Barclays Wealth Trustees (U.S.), National Association, 2001 K Street NW Suite 1125, Washington, DC 20006,

24547, Bessemer Trust Company of Delaware, National Association, 900 Seventeenth Street, NW Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20006,


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Connecticut Bank List

1214, The National Iron Bank, 195 Main Street, Salisbury, Connecticut 06068,

22545, Patriot National Bank, 900 Bedford Street, Stamford, Connecticut 06901,

497, The First National Bank of Suffield, 30 Bridge Street, Suffield, Connecticut 06078,

24469, Webster Bank, National Association, 137 Bank Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06702,

23664/34876 Connecticut Community Bank, National Association, 1495 Post Road East, Westport, Connecticut 06880,


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Colorado Bank List

24182, AMG National Trust Bank, 1155 Canyon Boulevard Suite 310, Boulder, Colorado 80302,

16392, Canon National Bank, 816 Royal Gorge Boulevard, Canon City, Colorado 81212,

15592, Academy Bank, National Association, 952 Swede Gulch Road, Evergreen, Colorado 80439,

21717, Peoples National Bank, 400 Harrison Ave, Leadville, Colorado 80461,

15058, Pikes Peak National Bank, 2401 West Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904,

14833, First National Bank, Cortez, 2258 East Main Street, Cortez, Colorado 81321,

21158, Native American Bank, National Association, 999 18th Street, Suite 2460, Denver, Colorado 80202,

2637, The First National Bank of Durango, 259 West 9th Street, Durango, Colorado 81301,

17000, Evergreen National Bank, 28145 Colorado 74, Evergreen, Colorado 80439,

11571, The First National Bank of Fleming, 201 North Logan Ave, Fleming, Colorado 80728.

7435, First National Bank of The Rockies (now Bank Of The San Juans), 2452 U.S. 6, Grand Junction, Colorado 81505,

8489, The First National Bank of Hugo-Limon, 321 4th Street, Hugo, Colorado 80821,

24737, Solera National Bank, 319 South Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood, Colorado 80226,

6030, First National Bank of Las Animas, 535 Bent Ave, Las Animas, Colorado 81054,

8004, Palisades National Bank/Colorado National Bank, 600 West 8th Street, Palisade, Colorado 81526,

6671 First Colorado National/First National Bank of Paonia, 133 Grand Ave, Paonia, Colorado 81428,

14222, The First National Bank in Trinidad, 100 East Main Street, Trinidad, Colorado 81082,

8752, First Pioneer National Bank, 150 South Interocean Ave, Holyoke, Colorado 80734,

12594, The Citizens National Bank, 182 Main Street, Putnam, Colorado 06260,


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