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Friday, December 2, 2016

Why make your own pizza?

Most pizzas are not really good for you - most of them are loaded with white flour, sugar, and fat. I lost 100 pounds eating pizza.

Some pizzas are OK, wheat crust with veggies is not really bad for you, pizza with white flour with veggies and lean meats is better for you than some greasy burger.

I think everyone should make most of their pizzas at home. This has several potential disadvantages:

1) If you concentrate on making your pizza healthy, it can cost even more than store bought take and bake pizzas (Walmart is the best deal for take and bake.) Healthy pizza is better for your health.

2) You must buy an expensive mixer with a dough hook. The best I have found (at a rational price) is the 6-quart mixer I bought a few times at Costco. On sale every year, their web site does not carry it because it is expensive to ship, this mixer costs about $270, the best price I have found. However you can find them used on Craigslist or Amazon. This mixer lasts forever, and you can use them for meatloaf, mixing anything, etc.

3) It takes a lot of time, and there are several tools you need to buy, a pizza stone, and a pizza screen and a pizza cutter (I like a Chinese cleaver for Pizza. Pizza stones (I have a 18-inch round one and a 18-inch, which both fit in all ovens), and a good rolling pin are all reasonably priced. The time can be spent with family or friend with a TV, iPod, or radio.

Home-made pizzas also have several big advantages:

1) You can make them as tasty or healthy (or both) as you want. Healthier pizzas tend to cost more, cheap foodstuffs - see I now eat a wider range of high fiber/high protein foods, so i use more white flour and less whole wheat flour and olive oil in my pizzas.

2) You can put anything on your pizza that you want. I even put (even though it does not get anyone high) raw marijuana leaves on my pizza because they are so good for me. You are not limited to only what is popular and available at pizza sellers.

3) Although you must shop for the ingredients you already shop regularly. However, you will save both gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle ,or save on delivery fees.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser. Ignore me is your own loss. :)  

Exercising wherever you are

Party because it fixes a medical problem I have caused by my rotten father and rotten Kaiser doctors  in California, called a mental problem by idiots and stupid, lazy, ignorant California Kaiser doctors. I have proven to myself and to smart people that beyond a doubt I have a very rare set of physical problems.  I have a very unusual GERD problem that without my interventions and self learned remedies (that include moderate and responsible from weed and many other things I must do), can if I am not careful, push mucus and gas to push against the thin bone in my brain, closest to the top-most sinus cavities - which can push on my brain and can even give me seizures. I learned on my own how to solve this problem and have a good life, where I very briefly watch and hear fools, help nice smart people; and then always simply concentrate on what I do and my health and staying happy. I lost count of the number of doctors I have fired for not knowing as much as I do about what helps to fix me.

Anyway onto my main topic, besides going to the gym, I have learned to exercise ANYwhere. Even writing this, I am resting my arms on my desk, pressing down hard with my forearms and then to the left and right, which makes it harder to type, but I fix all my typos.  I do exercises in bed doing sit-ups and isometric exercises, and pushing on my walls, etc.  I always isometrically exercise wherever I am. Of course, I am super discreet in public, because most people think I am crazy for helping my medical problem and making my body and mind stronger.

Yes, I go to the gym once or twice a day, and find the people there admire my constant grabbing, then pushing and pulling in every possible direction with force for 5 seconds to exercise my muscles even more than doing lots of reps (with gradually ever-increasing resistance or weights) on every machine from several angles. I also use the machines fully, palm up, then palm down then leaning every way to get the most benefit for more muscles. I find most people lift as much as they can with a few reps in pain, I smile and to many reps to tone my muscles and make them bigger. This is for my health after all.

100% of the people who ask me, think I am smart wherever I do this, after I quickly explain it gives me more exercise for free for all the muscles the machine misses. If they don't understand (not everyone has my mental capacity, especially after I sniff peppermint to keep my sinuses open) I then I tell them I am partly disabled, and doing more exercise and sniffing peppermint was mandatory for improving my health, then all of them seem to understand. None of them believe I am now 59, I was almost kicked out of a seniors-only (50+) exercise group until I showed them my drivers license. (I walk whenever possible.)

I exercise isometrically while I walk, work, and one day you might read or see on TV about me winning a seniors body judging contest, however I no longer require approval from others, except some occasional approval from people I know or love.

Anyway, we are all built to move, that is why we have so many muscles which can move in all directions, why not move them all and load them with resistance to make yourself healthier. Even most disabled people, can do isometric exercises, and all people benefit. If you do not have arms, use your legs more. If you do not have arms or legs, use your neck and head more, and then in all directions. You get the idea, all I can add here is "use it or lose it". Wishing you the best.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

What I notice now is most people are broken

Now that I am much smarter and healthier and stronger than ever in my life, due to 3 sinus surgeries, meditation and moderate use of medical weed for my several medical problems (nobody believes me, but I no longer care - my actions and how I treat others is the best way to make people realize how smart I am now. People in Colorado like me or love me a lot, cheers!) I notice most people have the flaws listed below. (I have them too - but I now try and constantly succeed in finding my flaws and fixing them in myself.)

1) Confusing wishes, prayer, plans, dreams, hopes, fear with taking actions. God gave us arms and legs and hands and brains to learn and plan actions, but now most of us only use our mouths.

2) Thinking too much thinking (talking, praying, planning, etc) about the distant future (which is unknown), the past, and media, religion, media/social networking and celebrities - instead of concentrating on the here and now and nearby consequences of our own actions.

3) Talking and thinking negatively, isn't it best to talk about good things and improving ourselves and our actions, discussing or planning near term fun things or constructive actions working toward private or common goals.

4) Filling our free time by watching news, violence, and dysfunctional families on TV and videos/movies. I also spend some time relaxing and watching comedy/Science fiction, however it is my choice when the world is dead, and I remind myself that everyone needs to relax. However relaxing as your full time job is not the best for your body and mind.

Oh well, now it's time to brush my teeth and meditate, I skipping the gym because I had 3 teeth pulled yesterday and taking percocet, omg it works but clouds my brain, maybe I will try kratom or take half a pill and some kratom. I was finding myself wishing for funds to have a dentist install dental bridges on these pulled teeth,  but I quickly chose to take and plan actions for my health or earn the funds soon to do this rather than wasting time wishing and praying. Prayer has it's place, as long as it does not replace intelligent planning and actions.

Have a good one everyone, why not read this post twice, and then take some action, it is really fun and good for us.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

The most common question I am emailed

Q) We dont want to hire a collection company, we simply want to sell our judgment.  I would like to discuss this with you. Please give me a call.

A) Please follow step 1 on our web site, thanks, and please send me a PDF copy of your judgment and what you know about the debtor and their assets.  If you cannot make a PDF, I can give you our mailing address if you want. Thanks.

(Most never respond after that, most people wish only to talk, not take any actions!)

Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Can you sell a judgment against a company that changes names?

When a (judgment debtor) company changes names, it is very hard to sell a judgment for cash upfront. The reasons include there might need to be an alter-ego battle in court, etc. This is especially true on judgments for less than $20,000, because an alter-ego battle can cost thousands of dollars. 

Cash upfront judgment buyers do not pay anything more than a few pennies on the dollar unless the judgment debtor(s) have significant available assets showing. An example of available assets include where the debtor owns land, vehicles, has a large bank balance, etc.

Please do yourself a favor and consider future payment contingency recovery judgment collection; if your judgment debtor is sneaky, hides their assets, or changes their names.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Save money, buy clothes at Goodwill

There is a Goodwill, and several other thrift store where I live. Because I have been going to the gym twice a day for 6 months, and watch what I eat, I needed new clothes. Out of curiosity, I went to GoodWill and found great clothes in great condition at super discounts. I was able to buy pants, a shirt, a belt and shoes for the price of a shirt at Walmart. The Goodwill store was clean, modern, had music, friendly staff and everything looked clean and new. No stains or holes on their clothes,  they had dressing rooms to try stuff on too. If you want to save money, try your local thrift shop!


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

Friday, November 4, 2016

The decline of the judgment business

As wages go down, debts increase, jobs disappear, and laws keep moving to protect debtors; most amateur judgment enforcers are long out of business; and the good ones tell me business has never been so bad. Being the best judgment referral business for 15 years, we get many judgment each day, however most creditors want cash upfront and have no clue that judgments are only chances to get money. Most creditors do not like the fact that if there debtor has no available assets, their judgments are worth only a few pennies on the dollar cash upfront.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

OSX 10.12.1 BUG - external USB disks do not show on desktop

I updated my Macs to OSX 10.12.1 and I found none of my new USB backup external disks would show up. I tested on a Windows machine and they showed up, but not on the Macs.  A Google search showed many are having this problem. Apple please fix this bug.

Update, a few days later I tried again, now OXC 10.12.1 sees my USB external drives, that's nice but I am using Carbonite too just in case my USB backup drives disappear again.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.  

Annoying audio on many web sites

Arggh, I constantly have to turn down the sound on my computer when I go to (ever-increasing numbers) of web pages with autoloading and annoying loud audios blaring, until I close my Firefox browser. I know I am not alone at being annoyed by these unwanted autoplay audios on web sites.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.