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Monday, March 2, 2015

Do Not Depend On National Real Estate Reports

What confuses many real estate investors is most of the articles and reports in mainstream media are written by professions with no recent experience in the real estate field. Many writers quote and use world-known “experts” that did not forecast the last major decline (thankfully coming back) in real estate prices.

Of course, real estate depends largely on location, location, location. You will probably do better if you stick to reports and stories about your local real estate market.


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Twitter changed their button code for web sites

As the example on our web site, I tried to put the link in here but it renders as a tweet button, so go to and get their latest code.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Should The Landlord Pay For Cleaning Vents?

Q: I am a landlord, and my tenant wants me to pay for cleaning out their heating ventilation system. Who is responsible for paying for cleaning out a tenant’s ventilation system?

A: If the heating venting system is a hazard to your tenant, then the landlord is responsible. Discuss the situation with your tenant. Perhaps offer to pay for half the vent cleaning costs, unless; there are unusual circumstances. For example, if the ventilation vents have not been cleaned in 20 years, perhaps the landlord should cover the cost. If the vents were recently cleaned, and the problem is only in the mind of the tenant, perhaps the tenant should pay.

Even if the need to clean the vents is only in the mind of the tenant; if they are excellent in all other ways, paying half the cost of vent cleaning once, might mean a happier tenant that will cause you less trouble in the future.


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting A Copy Of A Driver’s License

Q: Can I ask for a person’s driver’s license, when I have permission to run a credit report on them?

A: Yes, however only if you have proper legal rights to run a credit report on someone, and it does not get wrongfully used. Examples can include judgment recovery specialists, private investigators, attorneys, or landlords. The way you would get to see the driver’s license depend on whom is requesting it.

A landlord can require a driver’s license, as long as they are consistently asked from all applicants for rentals. Private investigators need to get permission from the DMV. For those recovering judgments, they will probably need to get the drivers license by subpoena on a debtor examination. Make sure you follow the laws of your state and county.


Mark D. Shapiro - Judgment Expert - - where judgments get Recovered.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Checking Email Too Often

Just like when you are in your vehicle, in traffic that is going very slow; you have two choices, you can tailgate the car, and be angry and on edge and be stressed and curse, or give the car ahead of you proper distance, and accept that traffic is going slowly right now. You can listen to music or whatever and have rocking fun, be happy you are going slow, and be grateful for the safest way to drive.

Many people (including me) sometimes forget the internet is part of the 2-D world, and our lives are really in the 3-D world. Our heath, our family, our pets, are all much more important than checking email or chatting or web surfing. Nights and weekends, I learned to check email every few hours instead of constantly. As you know, it is more productive for me to write here or on my web site, than to check my email too often on nights, holidays, and weekends; which is mostly spam anyway.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Two-Party Checks

Q: I am looking for bank that will accept two-party checks. How can I cash a two-party check?

A) There are two ways to handle this type of problem:

1) Politely inform the party that wrote the check that you are not going to be able to cash it, and are mailing the check back; and to please then send out single party checks.


2) Ask the second party to sign the check, and then return it to you. You may have to remind them they will have the same problem depositing that check as you are having. The bank should be willing to deposit it with both signatures on it. Of course, the bank may put a hold on it for a long time. After the check clears, send the other party, half the amount of the deposited check.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tax Lien Sales

Q: I have a situation where a California real property sold pursuant to a tax lien, and I had an abstract of judgment recorded, and was were never notified. There are excess proceeds. Do you have any idea where to file my claim?

A: The State of California conducts tax lien sales through the county tax collectors. The sale should have been posted on the tax collectors web page and three times in a local newspaper prior to the sale. Tax-defaulted property is usually sold free and clear of all pre-existing liens. You may be out-of-luck even if there were excess funds from the sale.


Mark D. Shapiro - Judgment Expert - - where judgments get Recovered.