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Monday, August 24, 2015

Too Many Plaintiffs!

A judgment creditor sent me their judgment, he was one of 120 plaintiffs on the judgment. I explained that he alone cannot get the judgment enforced, as all plaintiffs need to sign paperwork and split the possible proceeds. A judgment with lots of debtors is a good thing, but a judgment with lots of plaintiffs is not so good.


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Juicy big judgment on JudgmentBuy's website

Most judgments are worthless, however we just got one with a list of debtor assets longer than any we have ever seen. The debtor has available assets of at least 100 times the amount of the million dollar plus judgment (JudgmentBuy listing # 2864), now listed at:
and other places on our site, because the debtor owns property in many states. OJC is looking for cash upfront, but may consider part cash upfront - and part future-pay.  Another juicy judgment is a federal one for 700K where the debtor owns 8 houses, #2867 at


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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

FDCPA debt or not, always include mini-miranda wording

I my opinion, you probably should include the FDCPA Miranda requirements in any letters to your debtor, even if it's not a FDCPA debt.

The wordings are: WARNING: Per 15 USC §1692 this is an attempt to collect a debt. All information obtained will be used for that purpose. Many States also includes the wording for 30 days for them to dispute the debt.


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Sony PSP - Skype crippled

I recently bought the Sony PSP, for a gaming device that ran Skype. I discovered that Skype on the PSP is crippled, nothing like Skype on cell phones; and for a real Skype experience, use your computer.  The Skype version for PSP runs so slow, and has lots of trouble connecting, and of course typing on a PSP takes a while. Most of the Skype features are missing.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

The best time to get into the judgment business

Every judgment recovery course's web site brags something like "This is the best time to get into the judgment business." Nothing could be further from the truth, the best time to work the judgment business is when the economy is booming.  I think most of the good judgments have already been enforced. Now, most creditors own worthless judgments that can never be recovered. 95% of the judgment enforcers I know went out of business. The best time to get into the judgment business, in my opinion was in the mid to late 80s.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why is CBD so expensive?

I use CBD to prevent seizures. When I was in California with a medical weed card, I could buy CBD for cheap. In Colorado, CBD costs as much as THC weed. Online most CBD prices are high, even though CBD does not get you high. CDB comes from either hemp or weed, is legal, and does not interest the 99% of people that like weed for it's psychoactive effects - so why is it usually so expensive?


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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nintendo Wii U lemons - no thanks

I bought a Nintendo U system with 2 prei-installed bundled games. It would not sync with the base Wii system. Called their tech support (excellent) and they said to return it. I bought a second Nintendo Wii U system, it worked for a while, and then the remote would stop working 3 minutes into any of the 3 games I tried. I spent more time troubleshooting and installing than playing, sorry it did not pass my test, will return second system; thank goodness I bought them at Walmart!


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