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Monday, October 5, 2015

JudgmentBuy protects against bad judgment mistakes

Judgments are not cash. I have to tell people this about 20 times a day.  JudgmentBuy is by far the best way to get a judgment reliably sold or recovered. JudgmentBuy does our very best, and we continuously improve, to screen out most types of problem judgment enforcers, creditors, judgments, and debtors. Below are the 6 basic types of problem judgment enforcers that want to recover or buy your judgment. Some judgment enforcers have more than one of these problems:

1) The newbie enforcers, they bought a book to two, are very under capitalized, and believed some lies about "how easy it is to do the judgment business", often, did not finish their book(s), and then offers to recover judgments for 25-35%. They advertise a lot, and take every judgment that comes in, and then realizes they do not have the cash or experience, and then just sit on the judgments, and recovering nothing. Sometimes, they get lucky and recover a few judgments, but sometimes do not pay back the creditors or JudgmentBuy. Many fold down their businesses, without assigning back all the creditor's judgments, and give the business a bad reputation.

2) The very picky professional judgment enforcers, who only take the upper 1% of debtor-asset-rich judgments, and work just a few big good judgments a year. While these enforcers are often very good, they cannot help 99% of judgment owners, and waste lots of time researching and turning down 99% of judgments. Note: For big judgments where there are lots of (available debtor assets - the only way a judgment can get paid), JudgmentBuy often recommends the very best of these type of judgment pressionals, who really appreciate our (best in the business) screened leads.

3) The crook judgment enforcers. While they do recover some big judgments, some then disconnect their phones, their web sites, and then move, ripping off the creditors and JudgmentBuy too.

4) The liars, "we pay 50% cash upfront for judgments" or "we recover judgments fastest" or make other such promises, that have nothing to do with reality. Many creditors fall victim to these types of  liars, damaging the judgement business even more.

5) The fair-weather enforcers. They take the judgments, then if there are any unusual expenses or complicaitons, they just return them. They end up returning most judgments (often only after they are pestered to do do).

6) "Assign your judment to me, trust me" judgment enforcers. Most judgment assignments do not have any recourse if the enforcer disappears. While in most states, lone wolf enforcers must have judgments assigned to them, to be able to work on them because they are not attorneys; JudgmentBuy knows the best attorneys, enforcers, and agencies that use (at their cost) their aggressive attorneys; so you do not have to assign your judgment to anyone or pay anything, and get most of what may be recovered.

Also, there are often two sides to such stories of "bad enforcers". I sometimes get complaints on the best judgment professionals I have worked with for many years, with excellent long-term reputations of recovering judgments. In many cases I see the creditors are wrong, with complaints such as "he's had my judgment for 2 weeks and done nothing" or he "did not sell the debtor's car worth $1,000". Some creditors even sue good enforcers, and then lie about them on the net.

Even the best screened judgment enforcer or buyer cannot work magic. They have to pay expenses, courts, sheriffs, process servers, lawyers, data services, etc. Every year, laws generally protect debtors more and more. To summarize, using JudgmentBuy is not for everyone, just for those who like the truth, and want to avoid making mistakes or wasting money; trying to get their judgment bought or recovered.


Mark Shapiro, a GoGuy at

Friday, October 2, 2015

LLC or corporate asset-protection plans 101

While LLC and other corporate asset-protection mechanisms are handy, useful, and can offer certain protections; these basic tips will help prevent the chances of some court later finding the member(s), stockholders, employees, investors, or officers liable; for the actions of the corporate entity.

LLCs and other corporate entity protection mechanisms are not 100% reliable, especially in fraud cases. And, one must follow all the basics to avoid being responsible for corporate taxes and/or loans made to it.

1) Properly file your business entity with the state, and pay for proper corporate status for your business entity in all the states it operates in. Even though this means a complicated tax filing procedure, reporting, and potential double-taxation that comes along with some entity types. Failing to do this is a sure way to become personally liable for business debts.

2) Operate your LLC/entity as a separate business. If you do not, then you may be liable. Have separate financial records for the business entity. If you cannot run your business entity properly and/or fail to fulfill to perform all its financial obligations, then it may lose its protective status altogether.

3) If you are lucky enough to have a profitable LLC/entity; start putting some profits into (your, officers, investors, and/or employees) investments separate from the entity. Examples include buying a house, investment property, especially if there are high homestead exemptions; especially Florida. Other ideas include college plans, retirement plans, life insurance policies and/or annuities.

4) Sometimes, business mistakes are unavoidable, so buy good business insurance for your entity.

5) Although for new and small businesses, banks may want your personal assets to use as collateral for a loan; try to avoid making such personal guarantees. Once your business is successful, and pays all of its creditors; then banks will be happy to establish credit in your business entity’s name.

6) Related to # 3, it is common to keep a small amount of money in the company because creditors can grab it if/when your business is sued. While insurance can help, to minimize such risks; you can try to keep a small amount in the company, and disburse the rest amongst the rest of the owners, creditors, etc. Make sure you do not transfer assets when a creditor is already waiting for your payment (Or after the business is sued). It may be considered as a fraudulent or deferential transfer.


Mark Shapiro  - a GoGuy at

Marijauna is good for many lung and sinus problems.

The "magic" cough inducing smoke from even weak, CBD-heavy (weed, pot, marijuana) is VERY good, better than any doc's or OTC medicine, for those with upper silent GERD, which fills my lungs and sinus after each meal. By smoking a little pot (1-3 puffs) after each meal I painlessly and very quickly cough up almost all the mucus from my lungs, no longer use any other drugs, including my inhaler, and can return to hard work or good writing very quickly. My IQ is 150 so if it dips to 130, no biggy for answering emails and watching TV.  If Colorado employers allowed the use of weed at work for employees  having medical conditions, I could get a job perhaps.  At least government and doctors are very slowly waking up to the wonder of the natural medicine used for 6000 years. I am not a doctor, and even in Colorado, 80% of doctors think pot is dangerous. However, if you have a sinus or lung congestion problems, please learn how weed might help you a lot - however run it by your doctor and start slow with just one puff.  I figure government is 75 years behind science and 2000 years ahead of religion in some topics, 1000 years behind in others. At least we do not get all the government we pay for!


Mark Shapiro, who seems to get smarter every time he smokes pot is the "GoGuy" behind

Apple's El Capitan free update a winner

Like all computer upgrades, backing up first is very important. Luckily Apple's 10.11 update once again was free, and works on Macs made in the last 7-8 years. This is a nice thing to do, try running Microsoft 10 on a 8-year old PC! Anyway, the upgrade takes a while to download, and seems to take a long time. And, after the main download and installation, you can then download all the great voices for your Mac that reads text for free with another updaet.  If you have a giant Apple mail archive, it can take a while to update it.

One bug is is the Apple 10.11 upgrade asks for your Apple ID before you get on the net. I have Comcast, and for some reasons when my computers start they connect to my neighbor's free Comcast wireless.  That wireless is crippled, so I need to pick my own home Comcast wireless network, so Apple please confirm a good connection to the net, before checking Apple IDs. Also more spinning beach balls on Firefox open new tabs, but I'm sure Firefox will be updated soon. Another gotcha is my Brother L2700 MFC can no longer scan, but it can still print.


Mark Shapiro,

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It is time to redesign wallets

Most men, especially as they get older, get more and more plastic and paper cards, to keep in their wallet; and wads of cash are no longer needed or as popular these days.  On average, I have about 30 cards and just a few paper money pieces. I know I am not alone, when trying to fit all my credit cards and other cards into my wallet. I've had to keep 2 wallets, one for cards I use often, and one for lesser-used cards. It is time to redesign the wallet to hold much more cards than cash. As usual, woman pick wallets for looks, men more often for functionality.

Mark Shapiro,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

check fraud, banks calling maker, idiocracy

My bank recently called me saying they were having trouble verifying a check I recently deposited. They asked me for the phone number of the maker of the check. I told them I was in no hurry, and to try depositing it, waiting till it clears, and to put a just put a hold on the deposit, until it does clear, and they said sorry, that is not their policy. I had to give the name of my Chase branch that issued that check and had to Google the phone number for them - Idiocracy.

Mark Shapiro -