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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moved back to Comcast from Dish

I tried DISH TV service, at first I liked it, but within 3 months 3 Hoppers failed and 2 Joey's and 1 remote died. It kept losing all my DVRs, (I do not watch live TV).  Back to Comcast, more expensive but I need reliability. Paid an obscene amount to get out of my DISH contract, worth it.

The hopper is just not ready for prime time, sorry Dish.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It is time for doctors to precribe pot

Weed cures or helps at least 100,00 human diseases, for me it makes the difference between sleeping all night or coughing all night as a start.  Big Pharma makes lots of toxic pills, 99.99% more dangerous than weed. It's time to Legalize Federally, so doctors can prescribe medical pot.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wishy-wash creditiors

OMG, we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of judgments sent to, where the judgment creditor is still actively enforcing their judgment. Judgmentbuy is for cold judgments where nothing it being done, and a smart creditor wants to try and get money for their judgment. No enforcer will take a judgment that is already being enforced by the judgment creditor. Such judgment creditors should retain lawyers for help, and when they are done trying to collect on their own THEN have JudgmentBuy find the right expert for their judgment.


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Who still sell credit reports to Judgment enforcers?

It seems every year less and less credit card companies are dealing with individual judgment enforcers, perhaps cause most enforcers flake so fast?  Any recommendations? Let me know, will post here. Note almost all of them require an onsite inspection, looking for password-protected computers, a locking door, and a shredder.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Contacting the Pueblo Peak Food Stamp by phone

Yesterday, I just canceled my Colorado PEAK food stamp program, as I no longer needed it. They said fine; however told me to use the existing credit left on my PEAK card first!  OK, that sounded good to me. Then, later they called me, and left a bad number in their voice mail message (Why do most people talk slow, then speed up saying their phone number just once?). I have never been able to (tried 15 times) to call them, in Pueblo. Do not bother trying to call them. The Pueblo Colorado Food Stamp program is in the Big Wells Fargo bank building. You must park at the Wells Fargo parking lot, and will they will stamp your card (both the bank and the food stamp office) so the parking can be for free.


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Why do UPSs still beep?

UPSs are basically smart battery units that generate AC power in limited amounts for your computer, TV, lights, etc. With storms, etc, power goes out often in some areas, however for most, not enough to justify a gas-powered generator, with fuel storage problems, etc.

For most homes UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) are the right solution, letting you at least save your work or watch TV or have your internet or lights for a while. However I have one complaint, almost all of them beep loudly when the AC power is lost. This is stupid as:

1) If the power goes out, we know it, no need for an annoying constant beeping.

2) If the power goes out when we are asleep we are woken up for the stupid UPS beeping.

3) Even if the UPS can be programmed not to beep, why do we need to do it. I just put tape over the speaker on my UPSs.

UPS batteries do not last forever, however the cost of replacement batteries is so high, many just buya new one when needed.


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