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Monday, May 9, 2016

Insurance claims when you have no receipts

What if you have insurance, and have suffered a catastrophe such as a burglary or a fire or flood, and you do not have the receipt(s)? This situation happened to me, when I was savagely burglarized in my old house. The burglars stole lots of things, and just as bad or worse, they stole or destroyed all my receipts too.

I figured out that I could backtrack and get alternate proofs of purchases. In my case, I used my purchase history from Amazon, EBay, Costco, my credit card history, bank statements and instruction manuals to help prove my ownership of stolen items.

The bank statements were needed primarily because most home insurance policies have limits such as
only $200 per day that can be reimbursed. In my case, I had much more cash stolen than that, and my expensive medical weed was stolen too, and my insurance did not cover both. To help prove that even $200 a day was stolen, I needed bank statements showing my cash withdrawals before the burglary. For things that I bought where I only had instruction manuals as evidence, my bank withdrawal records helped to prove I had the cash to buy the things that were stolen.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Words can be fixed, people can't

In my personal life and in my business, I run into a lot of good people, but even more stupid or broken-minded people. I try to ignore stupid or mean people, and focus on the good parts of life and people.

Many consider me crazy; however I, my love, room-mates, neighbors, friends, and business partners all know the truth: I am sometimes very fast; and am always smart, nice, and sane. Due to being poisoned by Effexor and Prozac in my past, it can sometimes take me a long time to do the right thing, but I always do the right thing. I take the long-term approach, but always focus on right now.
If I am crazy, then so is the person calling me this, and many laws and many people.

I write a lot, and one thing I know for sure:
It is easier to fix words than to fix people or negative actions.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.

In the Judgment business, the delete key is used often

This morning I got an email that said:

"I have 20 million in default judgments against debtors that seem to not have any obvious assets or income, and I am now currently accepting bids to buy this package of judgments. The minimum bid is 12 million, but you must respond with your bid and a cashiers check within 48 hours, I will return the uncashed checks to the non-winning bidders immediately, thank you." 

I pressed my delete key immediately.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Picking creditors to pay in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Q: I plan to go bankrupt because I am broke and have a lot of debt and owe lots of creditors. However I like a few creditors and I do not want to burn them. Can I exclude some creditors and burn the rest in a chapter 7 bankruptcy? Also, I cannot afford the fees a lawyer charges to file for BK.

A: I am not a lawyer, however it is my understanding (from following BK discussions from attorney friends) is that you cannot pick and choose creditors when filing for bankruptcy protection, because filing for bankruptcy protection affects all your creditors, friends or not. Often, BK attorneys look at your credit report to find out who your creditors are. If a friendly creditor does not show up on your credit report, then while not legal, you could probably get away with paying them. Better yet, after the bankruptcy is filed at the court, perhaps you can use a Reaffirmation Agreement to do the same thing, exclude a creditor from your bankruptcy. This is something to discuss with an attorney. Also, your credit cards will become toast, however your bank debit card Visa/Mastercards will work if you have money in your bank; because small amounts do not usually interest bankruptcy courts.

As far as being too broke to file for BK, often you do not pay the fees upfront, you pay them before your BK lawyer files it at the court, so you cannot tell the creditors you went BK, however you tell them you have retained an attorney to represent all your financial matters, and not to bother you; and to call your attorney. After your bankruptcy is filed at the court, then you can tell your creditors that you have filed for bankruptcy protection, then the court will later mail your creditors a notice of this.

Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lonely, try     - a chat bot that really simulates someone typing back to you, I tried many tests and it is very human like. Late at night when one wants to chat and nobody is around online, this is kind of fun, check it out.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.


Latest OSX, where are scrollbars?

OMG, where are the scrollbars Apple?  After the last OSX upgrade, I noticed the scroll bars on the side of windows is either missing or tiny, or comes and goes when you mouse over them. This is a step backwards Apple, we need our scrollbars!

Update - System preferences, general - tell it to always show scrollbars!

Mark Shapiro
, judgment broker, judgment writer, and a smile chaser.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao

The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao was a low-budget movie, so don't look for the best CGI, however almost everything Tony Randall says and does, acting like a Chinese philosopher man, is awesome. One quote in the movie that I always think now is: "I am alive and that is fantastic".

And, I focus on right now not the past or the future. This movie is a must see: The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao.

A slow starting movie, but it has the wisdom generating Tony Randall actor, playing the best acting role of his life, a sample is at:

What is CBD?

What is CBD? It is one of the many compounds/molecules found in the marijuana/hemp plant. CBD is the part of the plant that is legal in all 50 states, and does not get you high. CBD is very safe and has a stellar record, when it is used in moderation, instead of pills or alcohol for many medical conditions.

I am a judgment referral expert (a judgment broker) who writes a lot. CBD is not at all like the more popular (legal in some states) THC molecule/compound. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most popular and potent part of weed that can make you high.

Most of the medicinal value of weed comes from cannabidiol (CBD). CBD does not get you high, however it has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. CBD even helps THC usage be a more enjoyable experience.

It is safer, more positive, and healthier to have some CBD in the weed that one inhales or consumes. Nature wisely put both THC and CBD into this wonderful plant.

Right now, you can buy CBD extracts online all over the US, because it comes from the legal hemp plant having almost no THC. Think of hemp as the brother to its sister plant marijuana, the plant that can get you high. Right now, CBD products seem overpriced, perhaps due to the demand; more competition will help.

Historically, THC is what sells. Currently, the vast majority of weed plants are grown and raised to produce the highest THC levels, and relatively low CBD levels.

Thankfully, now growers and dispensaries are selling higher-CBD weed/hemp products, in addition to the weed products that may get you high. Without going into detail, small nightly doses of CBD cured my medical problems when 7 months of many different (and dangerous) doctor's RX pills could not. Here are some of the ways that CBD has helped others:

1) CBD might reverse alcohol-induced brain damage.

2) CBD might be a very effective treatment for social anxiety problems.

3) CBD may be an anti-tumor and anti-cancer supplement.

4) CBD may be a potent anti-psychotic/anti-schizophrenia medicine.

5) CBD helps certain people having mild seizures and/or shaking limb-syndromes.

6) CBD is legal, however you may find it only on the web. CBD comes in a variety of forms including oils, smoking, vaporizing, electronic-cigarettes, tinctures, food and drink (edibles), capsules, and chewing gum.

Uninformed people (including a shocking number of doctors) think that CBD is evil, some consider CBD to be a vitamin, and most consider it to be a medicine. CBD is legal because it does not get you high and has almost no abuse potential. CBD needs a lot more marketing and competition, to drive down the price of CBD extracts.

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Apple iTunes suggestion

    I listen to music a lot, even when I sleep. I use iTunes, and have a suggestion for Apple's iTunes.
    Have an option in preferences, to ignore silent parts in the beginning and ending of songs. Too often, I have silent parts before or after songs, and now I must edit them each; and would love it if iTunes ignored the silent parts.


    Mark Shapiro, of JudgmentBuy