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Sunday, March 26, 2017

JudgmentBuy looking for a Alaska Judgment Enforcer

JudgmentBuy is looking for a good Alaska Judgment Enforcer

JudgmentBuy is looking for an expert judgment enforcer, judgment collector, or judgment buyer that recovers judgments in Alaska.  While we welcome lawyers, we are especially interested in finding a non-attorney judgment expert that works in Alaska. Thanks.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

JudgmentBuy looking for a good Canada Judgment Enforcer

JudgmentBuy is looking for an expert judgment enforcer, judgment collector, or judgment buyer that recovers judgments in Canada.  While we welcome lawyers, we are especially interested in finding a non-attorney judgment expert that works in Canada. Thanks.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gboard for your cell phone rocks

Typing on a cell phone or iPod or other such small modern wonders of technology have always been frustrating for me, because my finger motor coordination is not perfect because of just one pill of Effexor given to me by a doctor in 2015 that left me with permanent brain and nerve damage, and some things remain very challenging for me.

However, as you can tell from my blog writings, web site, and anyone who knows me; that I have learned how to significantly compensate for what the "doctors" at Kaiser Northern California did to me.

Now, one thing that really helps me type on my cell phone and iPod is Gboard, which is far better than the default keyboards on small device screens. Gboard has a much better predictive text function (that learns) and keyboard than what came on my phone; and it recognizes my voice very well, which sometimes changes during the day as I digest my meals. Using my cell phone and iPod to type is now a breeze with Gboard, which is available for all modern Android cell phones, even the iPhone.


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Monday, March 20, 2017

How to stop violent productive coughing

For dry coughs, cough medicine usually helps. If you have very productive cough with thick or lots of mucus, suppressing your cough with drugs may be the wrong thing to do.

If you have an upper-GERD problem like me, bronchitis, or some other medical problem or just have too many productive gagging coughs; you need to remove the extra (often thick) mucus from your body (lungs, throat, and/or sinuses) as fast as you can without hurting your body.

As I have posted many times on my blog; exercise, a puff or two of marijuana (moderation is key, a puff or two is all that is needed and it will not get you stoned, at least not much - and if you are worried about this for any reason; smoke high-CBD weed that will not not get you high, but really helps your health), Mucinex, sniffing (onion, menthol, and/or peppermint); steam, and snorting and sucking the extra mucus out of your body before spitting (see my previous post about how to spit) with both one and/or both nostrils closed; are all very useful to remove your extra mucus. Of course, your body needs some mucus, so only remove enough to stop your productive coughing or spitting. If you use onion, to avoid eye irritation and rubefaction of the skin, put the onion in a baggie, and open the baggy only  enough for your nostrils.

The above tips work better than any drug besides Mucinex and Marijuana; to loosen and help you remove extra mucus. The best tool is to gargle and and then sniff in and out with very warm water. Simply take a glass of water/tea/beer/any liquid, and microwave it for (e.g.,) 60 seconds to make the water very warm but not too hot. Then, gargle with the warm liquid and then hold one, then the other, then both nostrils closed; and sniffing hard (with your mouth closed) and then blowing your nose with one nostril, then the other nostril closed (and rotating your head) then spitting until not much mucus comes out. (If you are spitting less than 1/2 a teaspoon, just swallow the mucus.)

Rinse, lather repeat - meaning you continue this routine until the warm liquid is used up, or you stop coughing and spitting mucus. Then, hold your left nostril closed, lean to to the right and suck and spit to clear one side of your sinuses. Then repeat with the right nostril closed and lean to the right and spit. Then blow your nose until you are done.

Finally, rinse gargle and rinse once more to protect your teeth from possibly acidic mucus. I do this myself many times after each big meal, because of my massive upper GERD problem. I give my "stop productive coughing" advice to anyone that I see or hear who is suffering with a violent gagging productive cough; and in every case, I am thanked profusely because I helped them much more than their doctors or any medicines did.

This is not medical advice, and I am not a doctor. (However many people tell me I helped them much more than their doctors do with congestion problems.) And, if you have a sudden productive cough problem please see your doctor to rule out infections or other problems. However, if you have no infection or your doctor cannot help you; try gargling and sniffing with hot water/etc! One last tip, try and laugh out the extra troublesome mucus or sing it out, rather than coughing or spitting it out if you can.

Update, some people emailed me asking why not use a nasal rinsing kit to flush my sinuses? My answer is I did that in the past, and nasal rinsing does not work for me as well as my own techniques, but the ideas above will also help you a lot after you do a nasal rinse.


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Saturday, March 18, 2017

WhatsApp Review

I recently "held my nose" and bought a new cell phone (because I am moving, and my GPS died and new cell phones have great GPS functions). My love suggested that I get the WhatsApp app, and install it on my new cell phone; and now we use that instead of Google Hangouts. WhatsApp seems to work better than Google Hangouts does (and it is not easy to outdo Google). We just use our cell phones and do not even use Google Hangouts anymore (Even though it is installed on our Android phones.)

WhatsApp uses your cell phone's internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or your, or any open Wi-Fi connection) to send and receive messages. You do not have to pay extra to use WhatsApp (however it does use data). As long as you have not exceeded your data limit or you are connected to your own or a free Wi-Fi network, your cell phone carrier should not be charging you extra for messaging using WhatsApp.

I find WhatsApp to be very easy to use, and jam packed with features including voice calls with amazing quality (better than any cell phone and most land lines if your cell phone gets good reception), video, and text chatting. One nice feature is the record-to-talk voice recording feature. For fun, my love record things such as "I love you Mark" which I listen to often to make me happier.
I give WhatsApp a solid thumbs up.


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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obscene prices for domains in 2017

I had a new business idea, and of course; I thought of a clever domain name. I went to that domain and some ignorant person was trying to sell that blank domain name for $30K.

These people need to wake up; it is not your domain, it is what you do with your domain name that counts. For example (I have not been to the site) consider If you have that domain, it is not worth much without good content. Imagine if Yahoo or Google just parked their domains, they would not be worth much would they? The days of big money for (just) words or word combination domain names without content and usefulness are long gone. This is why I am selling all my domains that I am not "using" with good content on them.


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Exercising in Public

Because of my rare upper GERD problem, I must (while any of my meals digest) rub my tummy, massage my chest; and move around and exercise to prevent fluids from sitting and accumulating in my lungs, throat, and sinuses. If I do not, pressure eventually gets put on my brain, causing big problems for me.

Because of my GERD, I eat slowly once a day, in the mornings. I also must rotate my head and hold my nose and sniff to avoid getting a seizure. When I move around and persistently keep my sinuses open and take lots of CBD (and a little bit of weed too); I persistently avoid seizures, vomiting, and perhaps even death! (OTC medicines do not help, and my doctors will not prescribe me anything more than sugar pills or poison that does not help me, and many doctors have hurt me with there pharmacy drug experiments.) None will approve my use of CBD which stops any seizures I do get, and prevents 99% of them.

After a few hours of lying down (because if my GERD), I run, walk, do isometrics, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, go to the gym, etc. While in parks and other isolated places, I test my strength against anything strong enough to withstand my strength without damage. I turn my idle times into exercise sessions. I exercise while walking, waiting for a bus, in parks, etc. What amazes me, is how many times random people yell at me, and security guards and police stop and question me just for exercising and maintaining my health.

Examples include pulling and pushing against poles, trees, benches, etc. I do pushups all the time on benches and this gets people mad for some reason. Of course I only do this if nobody is using the bench, or near the tree, or the pole supporting a bus sign, etc. I commonly apply my force to immovable objects and rotate my body to involve as many muscles as I can, which helps to keep me strong and healthy.

Yesterday I was doing pushups from different angles on a bus bench and some lady driving stopped her car and yelled "stop it" at me over and over. I cannot fix stupid people, so I walked away and she drove off and I resumed my exercises. While waiting half an hour for a bus, I do all kinds of resistance exercises off bus benches, enclosures, and poles for bus signs. On buses, when nobody is sitting in the seat next to or in front of me, I exercise against the metal bars on the seat in front of me.

I always try to be as discrete as I can, and never exercise when I am right in front of somebody. Once in a while a cop or security guard harasses me. I have never been arrested, after I explain I am disabled and have a serious medical condition and the more I exercise the better I do; and then let the cops or security people verify that I am not stoned, drunk, or crazy (and smell my diet sports drink to make sure it is not alcohol); they let me be.

If I do not exercise in public I cannot go out, and if I do not move around I must lie down on my bed, and have risks of vomiting, seizures, and other problems. Before I learned how to take care of my health, I was bedridden all the time.

Why is it that it is understandable to vomit or have a seizure in public, and everyone feels sorry for you and tries to help you; but thinks you are inebriated, crazy and/or evil if you take care of your health by exercising? 


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Monday, March 13, 2017

How to ride the Pueblo Bus system

Because a Pueblo bus stop is close to where I live, and because I cannot drive in Colorado because of my past seizures caused by doctor's Prozac and Effexor pills, I ride the  Pueblo buses often.  Pueblo's bus system's official site is at

That website has PDFs of each bus route, however it does not show stores and other places and landmarks you might want to go to on the Pueblo bus routes. Can you take the Pueblo bus system to (where you want to go) is tough question to get an answer to. Sometimes, if you ask a bus driver or the staff at the bus terminal they know the answer, but not always. The bus drivers have always been polite. Some bus stops are 200 feet from each other, some are miles apart. In Pueblo, 99% of riders are polite, about 1% are a bit rude. Everyone from 4 to 100, fat, skinny, all races, including minorities like me (older white males). The Pueblo bus signs are not very noticeable, and there is no consistency, sometimes bus signs are flat against walls, some are on poles, some come with a covered park bench some with no bench, some stops at stores and libraries, other stops in the middle of pure residential areas.

Every Pueblo bus travels in a loop and docks at the common bus terminal where you can catch another bus going to where you want to go. (The buses often arrive at about the same time at the terminal.) The routes are not always orthogonal (they sometimes have different routes for return routes, and some bus routes have the same stops). For this reason, you do not have to exit the bus when it docks at the station, you can ride it until it goes where you want. Limited transfers are free in case you need to take several buses to reach your destination. It costs $1.25 to ride the bus, the full fares are at:

I have a monthly pass, which saves money and adds convenience. The best way to learn where the buses go, relative to landmarks such as parks, stores, restaurants, etc; is to spend a day riding every Pueblo bus (takes about 4-6 hours) with a pen and paper, and optionally a GPS, to note which bus goes where and they stop at. It is a good idea to list any possible places you may want to go and save it as a text file you can search later when you need it. The Pueblo buses are comfortable and modern, and kneel for those in wheel chairs.

The drawbacks of the Pueblo buses is often they run once an hour, so if you have to transfer at the bus terminal it can take 2 hours to reach a destination. The bus seats are OK, a bit cramped and hard. I think all buses should run every 10 minutes, if they did that, everyone would ride them. Also, Pueblo buses do not run at nights (the last bus runs around 5:30 to 6 PM, making it useless for those who work late), weekends, or holidays, limiting their usefulness. If you miss the last bus, sometimes there are overlapping routes, so you might catch another bus that takes you close to your desired stop. As an example, I missed the last Highland bus (7) so I took the Bessemer bus (2) which took me within a mile of my house and I just walked on a nice day to get some exercise. Lastly, because the bus routes sometimes overlap, be careful not to get on the wrong bus. For example, Pueblo bus 7 and 8 both go to the courthouse, where I often go in my judgment business; and I was so glad to see the bus come that I did not pay attention to which bus number it was - so I just rode the wrong bus all the way back back to the bus terminal. (The Pueblo bus terminal also includes a Greyhound  bus terminal in the same building.)

Update, I got on my bus home today and the bus computer said my monthly pass was invalid. The fix was to take the next bus home (that second said my card was OK, ah technology).

Route 4, the The Berkeley/Beluah route stops at places including: La Quinta Hotel, V.A., Windgate Hotel, KMart, Kohl's, Mineral Palace Towers, Comfort Inn.

There is no bus Route 5.

Route 6, the The Pueblo Mall route stops at places including: Walmart Dillon, The Pueblo Mall, Planet Fitness,  Target, 1 block from) Goodwill, Ramada, Inn, IHop, Home Depot, Holiday Inn, Motel 6, Clarion Hotel, Sam's Club

Route 7, the Highland Park route stops at places including: Walgreens, (1 block from) Pueblo Mac and PC Repair, Pueblo Community College (Marilyn Thomas), Cricket Wireless, Loaf N' Jug, (1 block from) the Pueblo state fair,  (1 block from) Walmart, (1 block from) Dollar Tree store, (1 block from) Pizza Ranch, (1 block from) Pueblo Athletic Club, (1 block from) Doctor Gary B. Grey, DDS, (1 block from) Patriot Car Wash, Sonic fast food, Seth High School, Albertsons, The Sangre De Cristo apartments,  Safeway, Wells Fargo, and half a mile from the Pueblo DMV office (which is silly because if you do not have a drivers license you, the bus should take you right to the DMV.

Route 9, the University route stops at places including: Prayer Assembly, East High School, Cricket Wireless, Case De Saite's, Family Dollar, Asian market, Harmony Ridge Apartments.

Route 10, the Belmont route stops at places including: the Oakshire apartments, Minnequa Works credit union, Family Dollar, Sav-A-Lot (a grocery store), Legacy bank, Big Lots, Pueblo Social Services, DVR, Health Solutions, (close to) Comcast, the Post office, Colorado State University campus, Kirby Vacuum, Smoker Friendly, Loaf N Jug, Cricket wireless, Dollar general, the Department of Transportation, PS I Love You flowers, Paisanos restaurant, Firestone Tires, Board of Water Works, Gear Up Auto, ENT, Rent-A-center, Barkman Library, an Asian Market, Kuan's Kitchen (Chinese restaurant), Christian Foundation Center, and Eaton High School.

Route 12, the Lake route stops at places including - Maks restaurant, Walmart grocery, medical dispensary, Lowes, Rawlings library, Public Defender's office, Convention Center, Hampton Suites, Main Street Parking Garage, Saint Mary Corbin Hospital, Pueblo Diversified Industries, Loaf N Jug, Central High School, Kozy Motel.

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Cheap, easy, healthy chow mein

I created a recipe, and it was so good, I thought I would share it:

2 Nissan chow mein noodle packs, chicken or kung poa flavor (I use one of each, usually less than a dollar each).
2 chicken breasts - cooked and chopped into 1/2 inch pieces.
1 pack frozen Chinese vegetables.
Some teriyaki sauce.

Cook the noodles in the microwave as the Nissan product suggests.
Cook the chicken separately in teriyaki sauce. Drain the sauce and chicken juices.
Microwave the frozen vegetables, drain.

Combine and mix all ingredients and enjoy.


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