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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Improving Resumes with Centralization

Resumes are an old formality that should be changed to take advantage of the advances in internet, networks, security, and the long established records on every person in America.

Currently, resumes are often paper based, sometimes unverified, and provided every time an applicant applies for a job. Resumes always have have some possibly inflated claims, contain typos, and often omit negative both and positive information. Employers often spend a lot of time and money verifying resumes.

Employment and education records are similar to criminal records, and they exist at every school and employer. Schools and employers already send (often updated) records and money to the government. Why not keep resumes out of the hands of job seekers, and something the employers or schools update and/or lookup records by connecting to a secured government database site?

This centralized site would be updated by schools or employers of start and stop dates, wages, reason for leaving,  contact info, etc. This could have a place for applicants to add their notes. Everywhere else technology has made old ways obsolete, and there will always be more jobs (and even more people looking for them) so why not improve the function of resumes?


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

Buying Judgment Portfolios

Q:  I am thinking about purchasing a judgment portfolio and  I remembered you are or were selling them, meaning  you're  familiar with them. What price should I pay on the dollar  for a portfolio of judgments?

A: We rarely get portfolios, we usually get them one at a time. My best advice is to rate them from A to F, based on your research tools and come up with a price. The average judgment buyer pays 1-3 cents on the dollar, the average seller wants 50-95% cents on the dollar, causing much frustration. Even now, there are attorneys telling their clients they can sell their judgments for 50 cents on the dollar, a lie. Judgment prices depend only on available debtor assets.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.  

Sharing Debtor Information with Creditors

Recently, another smart person sent us their judgment. While we were busy finding the right expert judgment recovery specialist for them, they emailed us: "While you're looking to match this case to one of your team specialists, I'm curious to know what info you gathered from the SS#. I know nothing of your world and am wondering what breadcrumbs - or lack thereof - my debtor has left behind in regard to income. This info could help me dig for concealed assets as well."

We emailed them: "I am sorry, but I cannot get or use that information; Only the enforcer I will refer you to, will search using that info when/after they own the judgment."

The reason for this is, that only the person or entity owning a judgment or debt has the limited right to get and use private debtor information such as the debtor's social security number or credit information. Nobody else, including JudgmentBuy, owns the judgment, so we cannot use this information. Also, once a creditor stops trying to recover a judgment or debt and outsources it, they also then lose the right to look up private debtor information, primarily because of FDCPA laws.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Loans To Pay Off Judgments

Recently, we were contacted by a debtor having a big judgment against him for $100K plus $30K in accrued interest. The debtor claimed to have lots of assets, and said the creditor refused to settle the judgment for $100K, and the creditor wanted $130K cash to satisfy the judgment. The debtor said he was short of cash but had lots of assets, and wanted JudgmentBuy to find someone to settle the judgment with cash upfront, and he would pay them back soon.

I told the debtor that unlike most judgment situations, he must supply his credit info, age, address, income sources, and specific assets. (In the vast majority the creditor or judgment enforcer with the legal right, must pay and work to get this information.) When a debtor wants a loan, they must supply this information voluntarily.

The debtor would only supply the vague hint he owned a lot of securities, but failed to identify them, so we told him "sorry, nobody would loan him money to satisfy his judgment". Judgments are not cash and cannot he used for collateral for a loan.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

JudgmentBuy now takes 1K judgments in California

Now, takes judgments as small as $1K in California. Starting now, those who can follow step 1 on our web site, can send California judgments as small as $1,000 and JudgmentBuy will find them an expert judgment enforcer in one day.


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Why I will never buy an iPad

I have been an "Apple Fan Boy"for decades,  and Apple's Ipad and IOS keeps getting better and better, yet I will never buy an iPad for three reasons:

1) Unlike the iPod, GPSs, many phones, and most portable electronics, the iPad never shows up on the Mac desktop. This means one cannot easily copy text files or notes to the iPad, or do any other drag and drop desktop transfers. While this can be accomplished, it depends on 3rd party software, and is just to clumsy.

2) No USB port, this also means you cannot copy files easily. (Similar to # 1 above)

3) There is no way to make text entry/editing corrections easily, their software just has a pop-up with select all or copy; my opinion is that when a user clicks in the middle of a word or sentence, a new pop up with a magnified view of the text string with a big blinking cursor, and arrow keys to move the cursor within the string of text would be so much better.

And the new iPhone has no audio jack/port, what is Apple smoking?


Mark Shapiro, judgment expert, judgment broker, judgment writer,  and a smile chaser.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

What I do when nothing good comes in

What I do when nothing good comes in, is something of great interest to me. In my past, I used to worry, drink, and react in other negative ways to the seeming (more often obvious) negativity of the society of people. Now, and in the future, during such times, I intend to work, smile, take care of myself, exercise, learn, and have a good time doing it.

I try to live stress free, and the internet and society shows me lots of junk, and many people whine and complain, and it will not help me or those I love if I stress about that.  Even not being on the net all the time, will not cut my certainty of getting good news soon.

By spending my free time reading, working, and taking care of my health, I am maximizing my chances for success, and worrying lessens the speed  for success.

I will behave, find ways to be happy, and always let the world spin a few times more. I am expecting good things to come soon, but am not counting on them to live my life to the max now. In summary, I have learned to focus on what I do and let the unexpected simply occur and re-occur.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, growing referral expert; and a smile chaser.  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Selling part of a judgment

Q:  I have a judgment with four judgment creditors.  Do you need consent from all of them for a potential purchase or do you also purchase the rights of an individual judgment creditor?

A:  All four creditors must agree and sign. We do not purchase or recover judgments.
We just know the best ones, and refer you for free to the right on for your judgments.


Mark Shapiro, judgment broker, judgment writer, growing referral expert; and a smile chaser.